Length: 10 min
Find for yourself a thin mattress, yoga mat or carpet where you can perform rolls comfortably. When performing rolls on wooden floor you might hit your bones on the floor and get small aches. Before starting these exercises, cross your hands and turn them around in big circles & stretch them to each direction for 30 seconds. Shake afterwards.

  • 10x both legs – Throwing your legs up, hands on the floor
  • 10x Handstand scissor
  • 10x Cartwheel, your stronger side (advanced practitioners can perform variations, such as: axe 2 cartwheel, reverse cartwheel, cartwheel switch etc.)
  • 10x Cartwheel, your weaker side (advanced practitioners can perform variations, such as: axe 2 cartwheel, reverse cartwheel, cartwheel switch etc.)
  • 10x Forward roll – straight jump or 360 jump (advanced perform the jump after handstand – roll)
  • 10x Backwards roll , beginners can roll over their shoulder (advanced practitioners try to push straight up into push up position or handstand)
  • 2×10 – 360 jumps to both directions  (advanced can try 540 or 720 degrees aka 1,5 or 2 twists in the air)


  • Throwing your legs up, hands on the floor: Remember to lift your hands explosively straight towards the roof / sky while bringing shoulders close to ears, at the same time when you bring your leg to the floor. This will teach you right habits for many different acrobatic takeoffs.
  • Handstand scissor: Flex your core muscles as tight as possible through the whole movement, keep your shoulders close to ears and elbows straight.
  • Cartwheels: Perform according to your own level. Try to straighten your knees and point your toes. Beginners can perform ”bear cartwheel” aka kick the first leg to the side instead of straight up.
  • Forward roll: First put some weight on your hands by leaning forward when squatting. Hold your weight with the hands when you jump and try to get your neck / upper back on the floor. Keep your chin on the chest, try to become a ball by holding a tight tuck and remember to grab your legs in the end of the roll to perform a clean tuck.
  • Backwards roll : Roll your weight with round back from balls of your feet into the heels, keep your hands next to your ears and chin on the chest. Pull your knees towards your chest. Immediately when your hands touch the floor, you must push with them as hard as possible to get up from the floor and making it easier to roll over your neck.
  • Twisting jumps: Turn your upper body the the side, hands far away from your body before jumping. As you jump, try to keep a good posture and throw your arms to the direction you want to spin to on a large trajectory. While in the air, pull your arms tightly close to your body and hold your legs together to spin faster. Land with control and try to hold your spot after the landing without any extra steps. Bending your knees enough in the landing helps you land softer and more controlled.


  • Throwing your legs up, hands on the floor: One forgets to lift up the arms at the same time when leg is brought back to the floor. Don´t lift up the heel of the base leg from the floor! 
  • Handstand scissor: Shoulders don´t stay close to ears, which means you will not get into good line and position. Be careful so that your core is not spaghetti, you need to flex it as hard as you can!
  • Carthweels: You forget to flex your core tighly, you bend your elbows too much or your legs don´t stay straight. Focus on these! 
  • Forward roll: Your chin gets away from the chest in the end of the roll or you forget to hold your tuck with hands. 
  • Backwards roll: Your hands don´t stay close to your ears, chin does not stay in the chest or you forget to keep your back round. Don´t forget to push the floor as hard as you can when your hands hit the floor!
  • Twisting jumps: While jumping you lean to some direction with your upper body or keep one shoulder up and another down, which causes you to lose balance on the landing. Not managing to keep your hands close to the body and legs together during the twist are some of the most common mistakes in twisting.
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