Length of the exercise: 15 – 20 min
All exercises in this section are done while leaning to the wall.

  • 10x both legs – Throwing legs forward and behind
  • 10x both legs – Throwing legs sideway
  • 10x both legs – Throwing legs behind

All following sets will be done in total 3 times, between each set you´ll rest 60 seconds. Each set includes total of 25 moves: 

  • 10x both legs – Slowly lifting up your leg straight on your side
  • 5x both legs – Slow round kicks 
  • 5x both legs – Slow hook kicks
  • 5x both legs – Three level round kicks + in the end hook kick


  • Round kick: 1. Knee straight up towards the target 2. Turning your base leg and hips to the side. 3. Kick to the target.
  • Try to turn your hip facing straight to the side during the moment when your round kick or hook kick hits the imaginary target. 
  • Keep your heel on the ground during your leg throws and kicks. 
  • When round kick and hook kick hits the target, following body parts should be aligned: Ankle, knee, hip and shoulder.
  • Remember to point your toes during your kicks. In the round kick instep hits the target, in hook heel / sole of your foot.


  • Executing the exercises too quickly. Try to perform the kicks slowly, but with clean technique. Only three level round kick + hook kick is performed as fast as possible. 
  • Tricker tries to kick higher than their own mobility and strength allows them to. Try to find a good height for yourself, where you feel burning feeling in your hip and glutes, but you can still perform the movement in your set in clean manner until the end. 
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